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gold Package


With the Gold Package you have direct access to you accounting files. You can invoice, pay bills and access accounts payable and accounts receivable report through the QuickBooks. You will have 24/7/365 access from anywhere you can get an Internet connection up to 3 register account at no cost to you.

Access Your QuickBooks online Essentials (included in the package with contract of one year)
You Mail your data through secured Express speed Post to our office every month
We would code your receipts, bills, deposits, expenses and invoices into a standard
chart of accounts approved by the CRA.
All deposit will be allocated to the individual Customer.
Payroll set up and processing up to 10 employees and payment through Telepay at no additional cost
Limited outsourcing of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. Vendor Payment through Telepay up 20 vendors each month at no additional cost.
We would reconcile one credit card account and two bank account monthly.
You will receive the following financial reports monthly from the quick book software:
Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable and Account Payable
Your accounting questions will be answered via email or phone. Emailed questions will be answered within 48 hours.
Two hours monthly meeting included in the package at your premises to discuss the monthly report.
Corporation Income Tax charges will be extra special discount applies.