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Part time CFO Services

The work of the CFO is central to the daily decisions and movement of the company.
The CEO may be the Captain of the ship but the CFO is the Navigator.
The CFO is expected to take an active role in vendor term negotiations and contracts, new client negotiations and contracts, and banking terms and leasing in addition to daily forecasting and cash management. He or she is expected to play a key role in major initiatives like taking a company public, seeking venture capital, buying, selling or merging with another business, or succession planning.

Is your company reaching the size where you need a CFO? We have experience as CFO’s
and controllers for large and small companies. Let us take on the CFO responsibility for you and save you money at the same time.

Not quite ready for a full time CFO? We can tailor our service to meet your needs.
Does your CFO need some extra support? Let us provide the service you need without adding
another employee.

We will design and deliver the service you need. We help your company expand and save you
money at the same time.